Saturday, January 26, 2008

Now that Judah is old enough to help with basic chores, when the weather is more agreeable, I will begin taking him to the "For the Love of the Lake" shoreline spruce-up at White Rock Lake. It is disgraceful how picnickers throw their refuse in the lake with little care about the impact they make on the wildlife.

Take for example little Six Pack. I am so tired of the discarded waste by careless people. Here we have this oasis in the middle of the steel, glass and concrete city of Dallas...a place with waterfowl, forest animals, a botanist's heaven, restricted paths and roads for pedestrians and bicyclists and Flying Scot sailboats with their bright white masts billowing in the wind. White Rock is full of trails through tall grasses where you may see purple martin houses on tall poles, oak groves full of squirrels and woodpeckers and miles of shoreline with marsh grasses teeming with ducklings...and pollution.


Jack said...

Do you take these photos?
I think they're absolutely wonderful.

Katie said...

I did not take the picture of the duck with the plastic beverage ring, but all photos on my blog were taken by me unless otherwise credited. Thanks for the compliment!