Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How am I expected to work when things like THIS are on the web?
We are in the middle of an intervention. A TV intervention. Our darling two year old angel has figured out that begging for "Dora! Dora! Dora, mommy? Dora!" is an effective means for me to cave in about five minutes. This morning he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and sweetly asked, "Mommy, watch Bum Bop Quare Pant?" He had me pick him up last night to find the "Patrits" [sic] Christmas ornament on our tree and then wanted to know where "Bum Bop" was.

We definitely went from one extreme of "we shall *never* let our child watch TV!" to 50% of our TIVO season passes being comprised of Judah's shows. And he has mastered the TIVO...he knows we have recorded them and that if he presses the right button on the remote, his favorite characters will enter his living room world.

So far, we have compromised by letting him watch one hour's worth per day. We have done more art and played with more toys. But not one hour goes by that he doesn't stop what he's doing and announce, "Go downstairs and watch Dora and Little Einsteins."

Thank goodness that we're getting back on our schedule of school in the daytime (chock full of non-TV activities!), Tuesday music class and Saturday gymnastics. Holidays are tough on our system of keeping Judah focused on healthy activities.

The other hurdle is *EATING*. Judah is too busy to eat. No problem on pasta, bread and butter. He'll ask for chicken nuggets or hot dogs and then hand back his plate announcing, "All done!" as soon as it is served. Anything green? Forget it! Somehow, he is still growing. Can a child grow on corn, tomatoes, fruit, yogurt, butter and Ovaltine alone? I sure hope so.