Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Judah has been quite dramatic this past week. He dropped a quarter on the floor of the car and exclaimed (think Scarlett O'Hara), "I'll never see that quarter again!" or when I drove the carpool yesterday..."Where is my father? I'll never see him again!" or when I washed off his spider tattoo from his hand b/c of the no-tattoo rule at school, "I'll never have that spider tattoo again!" He also makes dramatic statements when he wants to get out of doing something. That's usually not a big deal until...

At the YMCA yesterday, I had to change out of my jeans into shorts to exercise. He was in the ladies dressing room with me and one lady was at the sink washing her hands. I asked Judah to come into the dressing room with me while I changed into my shorts and he exclaimed, "I can't! I'm afraid of you!" (it's Halloween season and he's been maximizing his usage of things to be afraid of this month, including a plate of roasted chicken because he didn't want to eat it.) But, I swear, that lady nearly broke her neck whipping her head around to stare at us and I thought how bad that must sound to someone who doesn't know my son's habit of hyperbole. I mean, two seconds later we were chatting about cupcakes that he had at school, but I think she had left by then (probably to call CPS!)

Judah's extended day teacher brought him out to carpool a couple weeks ago to tell us he is not minding and he's talking during rest time. We have been working with him on making good choices and he told me that these past couple days he has been quiet and following the rules. He's the youngest (or at least one of) in his class, so I think he's testing boundaries that the older kids tested before school started. I hope he continues to mind his teachers -- I sure don't want him to be the disruptive kid in class, but at the same time, it's hard for me to see his free spirit get squelched due to social norms.