Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Potty Potty, Part Trois (l'acte final)

Armed with a potty chart and a super pack of stickers, we tackled potty training once more. Going cold turkey ended up being the best way to get things going. Judah had been using the potty at daycare but would refuse at home and in our efforts to not force him into it before he was ready, we obliged. But, the fact that school will start soon and he must be potty-ready to attend, we had to speed things up enough to get him to at least practice.

Of course, the true test is going poop in a public restroom. Filing this under "you know you're a mom when..." I had to squat in front of the toilet facing him, with his arms around my neck and feet on my knees for traction while I held him up by his armpits over the public potty. I'm sure the conversation as overheard by the woman in the stall next door was pretty graphic, but I was so focused on him not feeling like he was going to fall in and swim to the ocean that I just went with it and coached him all the way through. Gosh, I love that kid!