Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Judah and Micheal are watching Signing Time and when the "Silly Pizza Song" came on, Judah signed CHEESE. Hoorah!

Although he did his own interpretation of AIRPLANE a few weeks ago, the only other sign he has been doing is some thing that I can't find in the ASL dictionary where he puts his thumb and index finger in a pinch and taps the palm of his left hand with them. He does it everytime the video is on and also when we play with his toys but I can't figure out a) how he learned it or b) what it means.
As a parent, I strive to create a comfortable environment for my child at all times to avoid any mental scarring which will cause future neuroses. So, what in the hell I was thinking last night when Judah's Papa was downstairs in the backyard watering the grass and I decided to pick Judah up, hide around the corner at the top of the staircase so he and I could prank Micheal when he came back up by jumping out and scaring him, I'll never know.

I kept whispering "shhh! Judah! Don't let Papa know we're hiding! He'll be so surprised!" I "shhh"ed loud enough for Micheal to hear me and our giggles. It was great fun.....until....

Judah and I jumped in front of the top stair, I squealed, Micheal looked surprised and.....Judah nearly had a freaking heart attack. He wailed and wailed and I felt like the biggest moron on Earth!

How do I undo such a thing?