Friday, October 21, 2005

Judah has been watching Little Einsteins, which recently debuted on the Disney Channel, for two weeks and already uses terms such as "accelerando" (gradually getting faster) and "retardando" (slower) when zooming his Thomas the Tank engines across the living room floor. He is very interactive with the show, telling us all about each part of the show...the animals, the transportation, the musical instruments, etc.

We enrolled him in The Little Gym and he's already tumbling, eager to walk the balance beam (but still demands we hold one hand), enjoys climbing and spinning around the parallel bars (with help). He climbed a playground ladder three days ago all by himself with us just spotting him in case he slipped. I am happy that he has developed the confidence to try these new things. I guess the only downside to his newfound agility is that he walked up the spiral slide lickety split and my heart didn't beat the entire time. He observes what bigger kids are doing and since they all walk up the slide, he worked at it until he figured it out for himself.

We've begun the process of touring area private schools. So much pressure! I am definnitely charmed by one school in particular and hope he gets accepted as it is not only a great experience for him as a student; it would be great for me as a parent. It would be a pleasure discussing what he is learning there. Plus, I would love volunteering as they have really fun field trips and other activities. I can volunteer to read to his class (which I love doing) and help with fundraising activities. I'm so ready for him to be in Pre-K. It will be great to watch him grow academically and socially.