Sunday, January 13, 2008

Micheal nearly made me a widow yesterday. We met our friends at White Rock Lake for a family picnic & sailing afternoon. The weather has been mild this winter and started out very promising with a glorious sunshine and slight breeze. Perfect sailing weather. Once we got the boat lowered in the davit, a norther blew in and the temp dropped pretty rapidly. All of us mamas decided we would rather take the kids to see the new VeggieTales movie than freeze our knickers off on the water. Micheal, Bret & Zad decided to sail.

A couple hours later, I was trying to reach Micheal by phone as he had his Blackberry with him but he wasn't answering. We eventually got Bret on the phone and he said, "Well, first I want to tell you that we're all accounted for..."

The sailboat capsized and in the process, Micheal was projected from the boat into the icy (and unfortunately, polluted) water. He had on a couple layers of clothes, his jacket started to fill with water and he lost buoyancy. He is a former lifeguard, so it wasn't an issue of his skill in the water, it was that he may as well have been wearing a cement block.

Thankfully, there was a regatta and so the rescue boat was out and they retrieved him just as he was about to start shedding his clothes to lighten his load.

The Blackberry is toast, but it is of no matter since the more frightening thought is that he could have drowned or if we had put the children on the boat...well, I can't even think about that.

We drove back to Bret & Tiffany's house after the movie and saw the guys powerwashing the mainsail in the front yard. Micheal was barefoot with Bret's borrowed clothes and holding a brandy snifter.

Jorge is staying with us this weekend. He is visiting from Prague. His social calendar is always full when he is in town, and we're a very active family, so I've not seen him too much except at dinner. I think he leaves today...not sure. We had dinner at Nancy & Marco's house last night. They had their first baby, Luca on 28 December. Marco's mom is staying with them for a couple months to help them get situated. I was in awe of Nancy's ability to birth a baby two weeks ago and yet find time to prepare homemade tiramisu for dessert and has already enjoyed several lunch outings and seems so in synch with the baby. I seem to remember not finding time to brush my hair when Judah was first born.

In other news, I start my new position at work, effectively....oh, now. Hoping it is a satisfying move.

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