Sunday, January 27, 2008

We were catching up on American Idol last night (TIVO is our savior) and at some point somebody said the word "stupid". Judah announced, "I am *soooo* sick of the bad words on TV." So we asked what words he meant.

He replied, "Words like 'stupid', 'dummy', 'loser'. Those words are so STUPID."

Then, he proceeded to build a CHOCOLATE PUDDING FACTORY with his architectural blocks. He even had a song to go with it. "We work real hard at the chocolate factory..."

When he got tired later, he was lying with his head in my lap and we talked about school for a while. We talked about kindergarten and who his teacher might be and he told me about one of the PK teachers letting them wear the "Crown of Coolness" when they follow directions.

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