Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, we got a dog. Meet Miss Dixie.

My life as I knew it is temporarily on hold until I am through the stage of chasing her away from the carpeted staircase, spraying Bitter Apple on my bamboo area rug border, twice daily trips to the lake for an extensive game of fetch and chase, a walk around the neighborhood, 8x to the backyard for potty time, waking up before dawn to sit under the moon, my hands becoming chew toys and the process of bonding a boy to his dog.

I am desperate to knit but I have not had time, and besides, Dixie has already found my Louisia Harding Angora and managed to unravel about 1/2 a yard before I caught her and relocated my knit bag to a secret location.

She's a good dog, overall, but being 7 weeks old, she's a HANDFUL. Training is demanding, but I'm determined to try!

In other news, I'm a bit anxious because Judah's Optimus Prime costume is in the mail, but not at my house and he needs it by Tuesday. Our eBay seller dragged her heels on the shipment and so now I'm watching the mailbox faithfully and just praying it arrives tomorrow. His school costume parade is Tuesday!

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