Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kiss the Girls

We are completely settled into our fall schedule, though I feel like I am busier and needing to stay more focused on my calendar than ever before. Between work responsibilities (a board meeting, and two conferences in Sydney, Australia and San Juan, Puerto Rico), school (Annual Fund Grade Level Sponsor, Fall Festival Shift Coordinator), personal (PK4 soccer, social engagements) and church (Parent Leader for 4/5 year olds)...whew...there's never much down time and though I do fantasize about just "sitting down", when I do, I feel guilty and restless like I should be doing something and just go around cleaning things.

Judah has been thriving at school this year. He's pre-reading and very interested in books. He speaks a smattering of Spanish quite frequently and seems comfortable switching between the two languages. He gets to play with schoolmates just about every single weekend.

An amusing development is a friendship with a little girl in his class who for the past few weeks, according to her parents, has become very interested in Judah. We had dinner at their house last night and they told us that she kissed Judah at school. Sometime later that night, Judah called me into the living room and said that she was trying to kiss him again. He, being a boy, was reacting by tactical diversion. Trains, TV, jumping off the sofa, wrestling, anything to avoid THE KISS. He **absolutely adores** her, but I think he's entering the very beginning stages of "girls, gross!"

A funny comment by Judah this week while playing with pretend cheese. He was grating it and told me, "Mama, I'm cheddaring the cheese."

Any discussion about people behaving badly, such as when I told him that Marion Jones might be stripped of her Olympic medal because she cheated (my reason for explaining this was because he saw her TV admission of guilt and wanted to know why she was crying and I thought it was a good lesson in honesty), Judah turned into, "Well, if they take her medal away, I will punch them!" Sigh. Boys.

We took Judah roller skating (old school style) this weekend. Tons of fun and something we will likely do more often now as it took about two turns around the rink for me to get the hang of it again and Jude is pretty keen to **try** it...although he played air hockey most of the time that he was there.

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