Thursday, August 23, 2007

This pretty much sums up how Judah felt at the end of the second day of school:

So far school seems to be fun for him, although when I picked him up at carpool yesterday he informed me that one of the new girls poked him in the eye, pinched his cheek and bit his knee. I wrote his teacher a letter since I am only hearing half the story and don't know what led up to this, but I have to say that I'm pretty unhappy about it because he had a rash on his knee where he'd been bitten when he woke up today. His "pinch" was a scratch down the left side of his cheek.

Funny story. We have been digitizing all of our CDs -- we had around 2,000 and have been slowly getting through the stash, burning and selling for cash. We went to a certain very popular used bookstore in town and turned in about 200 CDs. A couple hours passed and they still had not called our name to pick up our cash offer and Judah was starting to get really antsy, so we investigated to see what was up. Turns out they had given our cash offer to another customer, completely by accident, who had just turned in a stack of books. $355 offer. For used books. That guy hit the jackpot! Of course, they had to then give us our $355, so according to the gossip mill of other waiting customers who knew what happened, that guy made off with about $300 more than he should have gotten. He was walking toward the cash register exclaiming, "Man! I usually only get $20 when I come here!"

We're anxious to finish burning the rest of our's a slow and deliberate process as we never really have a lot of downtime to sit around loading up music and deciding which of the approximately 12 songs on a CD we really can't part with -- the filler doesn't make it to my hard drive.

My mom is coming for a visit over Labor Day, so I have set my sights on gardening this weekend. After traveling for a month this summer, the 50 days of rain and then 100F+ weather, my garden looks horrible and I'm trying to regenerate some plants that have gone south on us. My wildflowers are still "eh" but not dead, my ferns are pleading for cooler weather, the fuschia did not make it past June, unfortunately. I don't even know why nurseries sell fuschias in Texas. But, my tomatoes and beans are producing and starting to grow new stems, so it's not all bad.

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kleph said...

ohh yeah, half price books ftw.