Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

Judah started PK4 this morning. Going cold turkey on early bedtime and waking up at 6am was HARD. He has been staying up 'til 11pm sometimes and waking up around 8am.

This was Judah when he first woke up, poor thing:

Once we reminded him that friends would be at school:

We had a quick costume change into his uniform, "nametag banana" included, and he was ready for school. The class theme is Curious George and with half the class being new kids, they have to wear their bananas this week. Ha!

As soon as we joined the carpool queue (which went very smoothly....shock!), he was THRILLED. He really missed his friends so much and I'm sure will have a blast today. And although I miss him like crazy since he's been my little sidekick all summer, I know he's having tons more fun and I can actually get some work done.

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