Sunday, August 19, 2007

As Time Goes By

Having had some type of online journal for years and at some point always dropping off for months or even a year at a time, I am back again as I always regret not keeping a written record of the day to day experiences with a little boy in our household.

Judah is almost four and a half years old and begins his PK4 school year in two days. He remains a sweet and fairly easygoing little boy temperament-wise although his "boy energy" level has kicked into high gear and we have to engage in a lot of discussions about why it's absolutely not OK for him to hurl Tinkertoys at me even if they are "arrow pointers".

He loves to sing and his current favorites are "the Shrek song" (All Star from SmashMouth), Tutti-Frutti from Little Richard, the theme song from Jimmy Neutron and Kids in America from Kim Wilde.

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