Friday, November 17, 2006

Another "note to self" that I often find on scraps of paper when I don't have time to post to the blog at that particular moment...

6/9/2006 - peanups, flamingo (flamenco), potty - 5 (6?) times, poop - in big potty, my bed / my house, ooooo, that's pretty

Translated -- Judah was calling peanuts "peanups" and flamingoes "flamencos", we were toward the end of potty training and he was doing a super job. He was establishing his territory with "this is my house, this is my bed, this is my mommy & daddy, these are my toys, etc" and everything he picked up caused him to exclaim, "ooooo, that's pretty!".

I think my favorite phrase as he was learning to discuss his bodily functions was, "Poo Poot" or "I Poo Poot!"

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