Saturday, February 26, 2005

I arrived in Washington, DC earlier tonight. It's very cold outside, but quite lovely. I haven't been here for a couple years. I flew in to Reagan National because I always enjoy driving past the Jefferson Memorial on my way into the city. It's my favorite of all buildings. Since this whole week will be extremely hectic, I decided it was important to keep a good sense of humor...a little pet project to keep my mind off of this behemoth conference.

Judah received a traveling gnome in his stocking this past Christmas. Up until now, he's been traveling around in the car, but had not gone on a trip. So, I packed him up in my suitcase and here he is on his first night in D.C. As you can see, he fancies 800 count pima cotton bedding and presidential biographies.

Gnome Gets Settled in DC Hotel Posted by Hello

Micheal will be taking Judah to his Gran's house tomorrow. A whole week on the ranch to play with the cows, horses and dogs. One of his favorite activities is riding around on the tractor. Micheal will be joining me in a couple days on his birthday.

I'm always so wound up my first few nights in a hotel. I should be sleeping right now, but I am wide awake. So much in my brain -- room set-ups, audio/visual, logistics, logistics, logistics.

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