Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It just isn't a real visit to California without a car chase!

I am watching a car chase on the O.C. evening news that has been going on for 1:25 hours. It is rumored to be a shooting incident and the victim is in the trunk of the car on the phone with 911. This all started in Koreatown. He's was on the 5 Freeway going about 100mph, but now got stuck on residential streets, so he's only going about 40 mph and I guess if he wants to make a clean getaway, he needs to figure out how to get back on the 5. I guess the LAPD can't take him down since there's a victim in the trunk.

It just cracks me up that there are so many car chases in the Los Angeles metro area. It seems to be a favorite pasttime as the news anchors are giving all sorts of little factoids about how the police and public "typically" respond to these chases. They're saying things like, "Well, typically the chase only lasts for a short time as the car runs out of gas" or "this isn't the way we usually see this done." They are offering up all these little factoids like this happens every day.

I wish this guy would run out of petrol so I could go to bed! I want to see how it all turns out.

Update: The driver just went into a neighborhood and got blocked in on a cul-du-sac with a big fishing boat parked in the way. They checked the trunk and there was no victim. There were about 30 LAPD officers and they pulled the guy's pants down around his knees so he couldn't run. This guy is toast! But, wait....who was on the phone with 911???

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