Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I am pulling a work late nighter, listening to the Gospel station on Yahoo!LaunchCast. "Hosanna" by Kirk Franklin is playing. That man pulls me right out of my shoes with his absolutely stunning, powerful voice. He's got pipes like Teddy Pendergrass!

I listen to gospel music sometimes when I need a bit of a lift. Kirk always does it for me. A very special reason that I adore him, besides the fact that he is from Fort Worth, is that about four months ago, Micheal bumped into him in Judah's doctor's office and Kirk blessed my son.

Judah's new words this week:
  • Pasta
  • Work
  • Sandwich

I leave in just a few days for Washington, D.C. It is going to nearly kill me to be away from my son, and thank God I see Micheal for part of that time since he'll be with me for about 2 days. Judah is going to the ranch to stay with his Gran. I think this time it will be especially difficult since he has been sick a lot and has been home with me nearly all the time. He's my little buddy and it is going to be tough leaving him. NINE DAYS AWAY FROM MY BABY! Ugh.

So, today, I was getting Judah ready for daycare when he got this peculiar look on his face. I felt him tighten up, and so I flipped him over and he vomited his entire breakfast. Fortunately, I had laid my bathrobe out on the ottoman under him, so it caught everything, but he freaked out when he saw what he had done. Vomiting is so scary, not matter how old you are. He has been barfing for a couple days now. No fever, just congestion and recovering from pinkeye. All systems normal, basically, except for that one thing. He threw up on the way to church on Sunday (so we didn't go). We thought it was because he drank a whole bottle of water within 5 minutes. Then, he did it again Sunday night after playing in the park with his friend Miles.

It hasn't happened again since breakfast even after eating a bunch of Kashi crackers, jello and two cheese sticks for snack and pasta, tomatoes and buttered bread for lunch.

The weather is about 80F, so we spent some time outside. He likes to put this flowerpot riser on his head and wear it like a halo. Here is a picture of him wandering around the garden with his halo on (see how cool it looks with the sun shining on him? It was a fitting effect.)

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