Thursday, March 17, 2005

I haven't posted in a couple weeks because the conference I worked at in D.C. took about 18 hours of my life each day that I was there and now that I am home, I have been spending all of my time with my family. The weather was gorgeous last weekend, so Judah and I went to the park about four times. He is such a brave little boy, particularly loving the "big kids" spiral slide - a very heart attack inducing thing for his mommy!

The highlight of my week during the conference was escorting Senator Barack Obama to the stage where he was interviewed by Campbell Brown during our one-day educational summit.

Senator Barack Obama  ©2005 by Teri Sobel Posted by Hello

Because he was the first speaker and had a tight turn before he had to leave for Capital Hill, there was no photo opportunity for me and I was so worried about observing proper protocol, that I didn't dare ask. I led him from the front door of the Hyatt down an elevator, through the side corridors of the ballroom and to the back stage. I also led him back out once his interview was over, but I can say one thing for certain. In that 15 minute period of my life, I felt the charismatic aura of this great man and I believe with all my heart and soul that he is destined for great things (I can only hope he runs for U.S. President someday!)

For the next few weeks, I will be quite predictably tuned in to all things NCAA. If anyone has anything to say to me, they will have to wait between game time. Because March Madness has descended upon my household and has once again taken charge of my soul. (Go Duke Blue Devils!).

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