Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bill and Ted's (Not So) Excellent NCAA Adventure

I tuned in via Yahoo Sports to the live audio feed of the Penn v. Boston College game at about 2:38p ET. The game was scheduled to start at 2:55p. So, apparently the play-by-play announcer didn't know it was live on the air already and was griping out the control booth because they said they wouldn't start the broadcast feed until 2:58p. He said, "Well, if you guys want to miss the tip-off, that's your problem, but you've been late all year. I mean, you know, the game is going to start at 2:55 and you're going to be late." He went on and on and on chewing them a new one. They must've realized he was being broadcast on the internet, b/c it suddenly went quiet.

Sure enough, despite his griping, they started broadcasting promptly at 2:58p and not a minute sooner. The play-by-play voices sounded like different (new) people who are named "Bill" and "Ted". Not sure who the other guy was or if he still has a job after that little episode.

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