Friday, April 08, 2005

My little man Judah turned two years old today. I knew he was no longer my little baby when I received my weekly e-mailed informational newsletter from and the subject was "Your Preschooler: 2 Year Old" (up to now, it's been "Your Toddler: 23 Month, 2 Week"). But preschooler? Sigh.

Birthday Boy Driving Tractor Posted by Hello

We spent his birthday at the ranch where he rode a horse, a four-wheeler, a couple of tractors and fed the cows. He is so blissfully happy whenever we go there and I think it is primarily because he has no boundaries and can muck about the land having fun adventures. Being with family for his special day meant a lot to us. His grandma "Ebie" came from NC to spend the week with us. He and his cousin Larson, who is 8 months older, are starting to play well together. There is the occasional sharing dispute, but by and large, they are more curious about each other and will probably grow to be chums as they get past their toddler years.

Two years of our lives as parents have sped by and all I can say is they are the most blessed days. There really is nothing quite like having a child.

Happy Birthday, Judah Bear. I love you more and more each day.

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