Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Micheal & I arrived in Puerto Vallarta at noon yesterday and immediately ventured out to explore our neighborhood and some local comida. We had a great lunch at a little outdoor restaurant called Tacos & Beer with amazing tacos al pastor and ice-cold cervezas.

Then, we retreated to Nikki Beach, a global hotspot spawned from Miami Beach where chill electronica such as Dzihan & Kamien pulsated from speakers perched on palm trees. We lounged on large white platform beds filled with pillows and cabana boys brought us mojitos. A mid-20s group of gorgeous young things from the UK lounged nearby and three older gents sought refuge under the thatched roof pavilion bar in captain's chairs. Wooden trays perched on the sofas held our cocktails and in the evening, hurricane lamps were placed on the trays for ambience.

For dinner, we went to De Santos, a trendy lounge bar/restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine, Sade-inspired jazz and romantic candlelit lighting. Micheal had mahi mahi with mint and lime and I had lobster ravioli. For a nightcap, we had the most deliciously prepared Cafe Mexicano - a large cup of coffee with a small snifter-full of Jose Cuervo Tradicional (Anejo) tequila ignited and poured, topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Smooth and sweet...and the tequila warmed our bellies quite nicely.

I feel so at home whenever I am in Mexico and we are talking seriously about buying a vacation home here in a few years and making this an annual retreat. We also decided to spend Judah's third birthday here. He would absolutely love it.

We will board our ship in a couple hours, so I may not be able to post for a few days. We truly wish we could stay in PV. The tranquil pace, music and food are the siren's call for our adventurous souls.

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