Monday, January 24, 2005

Judah is sick. He's been running a fever of around 101.5 since Saturday. It dropped to 98.9 this morning, only to spike at 102.5 this afternoon. I work at home on Mondays & Wednesdays, and today had two very big deadlines to meet -- both have been put on hold as I got nothing done at all. I kept him home from daycare so he could relax a bit. He was extra-cuddly this morning, but by midday was a ball of energy and hasn't stopped moving since, despite fever and a deepening croupy cough.

Things that made parenting tough today:
  • Judah wouldn't eat or drink
  • He tossed his blocks, Weebles and coloring book pages all over the house. I would clean them up only to have him right behind me scattering everything out again
  • I walked out of the room for a few minutes only to come back to see he had colored on the walls with blue and yellow crayon
  • He stood up on the ottoman and nearly fell off it seconds later
  • He's been loose in the caboose for two days, so the minute I change a diaper, it's time to do it again
  • Micheal worked all day and has school until 10pm tonight

Judah started saying new words this weekend. "Jay Jay" (Jay Jay the Jet Plane), "Christy" (pronounces it "Shis-tee"), "No Judah", "Bob" (Bob the Builder) and "Fish". I've also been quizzing him on his sign language comprehension by having conversations with him where I am signing but not speaking the word. I signed "apple" and he said, "apple". Same for "ice cream."

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