Saturday, January 15, 2005

I have been really procrastinating about picking up this blog again, but when my son looked up at me with his big blue eyes and started spewing complex phrases and a slightly out of order rendition of "ABC", I realized I had better get back to capturing these momentous occasions before I wake up one morning to find him packing for college.

2005...I made a few resolutions that I know I will keep.

#1 - to not have another year like 2004. Just around Thanksgiving, Micheal got a job after one year of unemployment. Though it was really nice having that time to raise Judah, it was a heavy blow to our finances, his esteem, our relationship. The experience certainly showed us that our marriage is impenetrable and though we may have had more than our fair share of stress-related disputes, we feel good knowing that we can tough it out and come through things that make most marriages crumble.

#2 - to recycle. We don't have a curb-side recycling program in our neighborhood, so if anything is to be done, it is entirely up to us. We are only recycling aluminium cans, but may branch out a bit as the year progresses. We've been very good so far and I am proud of us.

#3 - be a better friend. I have become a professional flake this past year. I didn't take time (because of my over-volunteerism) to write to family members and friends. Some, I lost touch with completely. I think about each of them constantly, but when I have opportunity to actually write them, I get on to other things. I also haven't seen as many of my friends who live nearby as much as I'd like.

#4 - stop interrupting, be quiet more often and LISTEN. This is a big one for me. I just never know when to shut up. It's a bad habit and I am working on it.

So, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2005 is a year full of blessings.

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