Monday, March 13, 2006

Letter from Judah

While I'm in Africa, Judah is spending time at his grandparents' ranch (Suga Suga & Papa). I received the sweetest e-mail from him (thanks Suga). ;-)

Subject: My First Day

Hi Mommy-

I asked Suga to write to you because my hands are just too small and I can't spell very well.

Daddy & I met Suga on Sunday. I waved bye to Daddy and we left for the ranch.

On the way home I saw cows, horses, barns and tractors. I also saw some big trucks.

When we got to Suga's we drove to the house and we found the kittens at the barn. The big yellow cat is named Butter and he let me pet him. There are five others and their names are Mocha, Hubey, Harvey, Belle Star and Bonnie. Hubey let me hold him.

Missy Girl let me pet her too and she did not bark or jump on me.

We went in the house and carried my things in. Butter came with me and I played the piano for him while Suga put up my clothes in the cabinet.

I unpacked my toys and while I was playing Papa came home. Suga packed a picnic and we left in the white "ranch truck" with the trailer and four wheelers behind us.

We packed up the four wheelers and took off for the top of the hill. When we stopped Papa put down a blanket and we had a picnic. Boy was that fun. All of the flowers are starting to bloom and they are "beautiful". A breeze was blowing and we all lay down on the blanket and took a nap.

When I woke up we jumped on the four wheelers and went looking for animals. We found a bunny with a white tail and squirrel, a really big one, going through the trees. The deer and hogs were hiding. We rode all around and I started the four wheeler and helped to drive it with Suga. I had FUN! I liked it a lot and I told Suga that.

We stopped and loaded the four wheelers and when we looked up the moon was out even with the sun shining.

We went home and I helped feed the calf, horses, dogs and cats.

I ate supper and had a bath then it was bed time. I took my wowey and I don't remember much after that.

When I woke up Papa was going to work and after breakfast, I came to work.

I told everyone you are in Africa even though I don't know where it is exactly.

I am being really, really good but I miss you and Daddy a lot. I will try and write tomorrow but I don't know if I am coming to work at the shop or not.

I love you and Daddy.

But I am ranching and I have to take my nap now so I can check the cows this afternoon.

Have a good time and bring me something back.

Love you as big as the world.


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