Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I woke up at 4am after getting pushed to the edge of the bed numerous times by Judah, who was spread-eagled between Micheal and me. He is now officially too big to co-sleep, so this morning we had a chat about him needing to sleep in his own bed from now on.

I feel like such a tyrannical mom this week. Yesterday at the grocery store, Judah asked for a bottle of Dasani water. I gave it to him and told him to hold on to it with both hands. Since we got home from our trip, he has been going through a "spit" and "spill" stage, fascinated with the physics behind both. We had one of those shopping carts with the little Flinstone-mobile attachment and he got back in happily sipping his Dasani. I started unloading the cart when all of a sudden, I heard, "Uh oh! Mommy, Daddy, I spilled! I made a mess!" Micheal saw the whole thing and said he had deliberately turned the bottle upside down. In one of those frazzled mother moments, being embarrassed with people looking at the big puddle in the checkout lane and Judah now trying to climb out and on top of a nearby rail to swing like a monkey in sock feet because he tossed his shoes into the bottom of the Flinstone car, I hoped the earth would swallow me up. Once I retrieved the shoes and picked him up, he thought it would be super fun to pull big chunks of my hair as hard as he could. I immediately told him he was in "time out", took him to the car and moved all toys and his wowie away from his reach telling him, "No toys, no wowie because you're in time out. You cannot turn your drink upside down in the store like that because now some nice person has to clean up *your* mess." I don't think he cared about the mess part at all, but was distressed over the fact that I cut off access to his toys and pacifier. All the way home he repeated in the backseat between sobs, "No toys, no wowie? Boo hoo hoo. Whaaaa!"

So, this morning at breakfast, he spent a good five minutes spitting yogurt into his glass of milk.

I must remember to be a patient and consistent mommy and teach my otherwise extremely civilized child that it is really gross to spit and really unkind to deliberately spill things in the grocery store.

I honestly think he's mad at us for leaving him for 10 days and is acting out for that reason alone. He knows he's doing something he's not supposed to do, because he gives me that sly sidelong look when I call him on it.

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