Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Mommy, look! Cow! Right there!" as Judah points at the sky.

He is in full-on imagination mode now. He points at the ceiling, at walls and at high rise buildings proclaiming cows, sharks, snakes and many other animals to be right there! It is great fun.

His language skills have become infinitely more complex in just the past week. This morning, I had to get ready for work, but for a few minutes I colored with him. When I finally had to get up to dry my hair, he looked at me, patted the chair and said, "Mommy, sit!" So, I sat again for a few more minutes. He announces when he has dropped food to the floor or spilled on his high chair tray, "Uh oh, it is messy!" and the best thing is that he sings songs. We don't understand everything he sings (things he learns at school), but I have figured out "Row Your Boat" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". There is one song that has a hand-jive routine that he says, "See See Saw, See See Saw". Christy was over for dinner the other night and we are convinced it is a song he learned in Children's Chapel and he's really saying, "Jesus".

He had his first dentist appointment yesterday. No cavities! We've been pretty scrupulous about at least 1x (but usually 2x) per day brushing. He didn't put up too much fuss, either, though when Celeste tried to have him open his mouth to say "aaah", he pointed at her artwork and said, "Look, butterfly!" trying to distract her from what she was doing.

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