Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Judah has been sleeping on a goosedown palette since April when we converted his 3-in-1 cherry sleigh crib to a daybed and he flat out refused to ever step foot in it again. We bought him the PBK Catalina toddler bed (in honey-colored wood, not white) this past Saturday and are transitioning gradually. The crib mattress is now on the floor and after a week (per my mom's advice), we will graduate him to the toddler bed. The only bummer about the toddler bed is that we can't sit in it with him to read bedtime stories (a very important part of our nighttime ritual).

Around 1am last night, he stirred and called for me. When I checked in on him, he asked if his Little People could sleep in his bed. I put one in with him, but he said, "more people." He slept with Cow, Horse, Pig, Bird, Girl, Boy, Lion, Bear and Elephant.

***Big news in my house*** We got TIVO yesterday. I feel re-engaged with pop culture. I will only watch shows after Judah goes to bed, but what a relief that CSI and Lost will always be there when I'm ready for them. The reason we got TIVO is that we don't really watch adult programming, except on Sundays when Poirot is on A&E and I'm tired of living vicariously through TWOP recaps.

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