Monday, May 29, 2006

I dove into the CD closet today to digitize some of our 2,000+ CDs and am listening to Depeche Mode's The Singles 86>98 and drinking a Shiner. While Judah takes a nap, Micheal & I cleaned our downstairs office. I mopped the floor with too much bleach in the water and now my eyes are cloudy and I think I may have burned out all of my nose hairs. Happy Memorial Day!

We have been very low-key all weekend, spending Saturday hiking again where we encountered some geocachers who asked if they could explore the park bench where we were sitting, eating some potato chips and taking in the scenic beauty of Texas wildflowers and butterflies. I had never heard of geocaching before, but now that I looked it up, I totally want to do this sometime. It sounds like a lot of fun and Judah loves to look for hidden treasure.

Yesterday, we went to White Rock Lake and some Korean Baptists had parked themselves right under a shady tree beside the playground. They had a boom box and some song sheets and were singing along to really annoying white people gospel songs. One lady was doing this offbeat whirling dervish and singing loudly with a throat warble. It was such high entertainment that we sat on a stone wall nearby to observe. One thing I have never understood is why people put their hands up in the air, palms up when they're full of the spirit. Micheal said it's so they can be closer to the Lord. I just don't put my religion out there in such a public way...never have. I'm very supportive of freedom of expression, so I wasn't overtly annoyed other than the fact that for me, gospel is more along the lines of Mahalia Jackson and Kirk Franklin. I was pretty happy once they wrapped it up and started the BBQ portion of their picnic.

I've been knitting a little here and there this weekend and am somewhat hopeful that I'll finish my pink kid mohair poncho by 2010. It is finally 25" long, so only 30" to go. Ha!

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