Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yesterday was the longest and weirdest day ever.

The morning started off beautifully with Judah sleeping in until 8:30am (and his mommy, too!) We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed out for our favorite local nursery to plant shop. As soon as I paid for the plants and walked out of the store, Micheal came running to inform that the baby was locked in the car. The car keys had slipped out of his pocket while he was putting Judah in the carseat and our car locks keep scrambling and randomly self-locking at inappropriate times. Thank God, it wasn't a typical blazing hot June day. The weather was very overcast, which means that mere minutes after the baby was locked in (crying, hungry and with poopy pants that I had intended to change when I got to the car), the heavens opened and a flash flood/lightning storm ensued.

The employees at the nursery got very involved in trying to help resolve the situation, with one loaning a hammer and another kind soul fetching an umbrella for me ('cause I'm always so prepared, yo). Micheal & I stood outside the car as diagonal sheets of rain soaked us to the bone, praying we would not be electrocuted. The first locksmith we called said we needed to call 911 since a baby was involved. 911 said the fire department would have to come and they would break the glass. I was not in favor of this idea at all since Judah would be in the path of broken glass. Micheal told the operator to cancel the fire department call and that he would try another locksmith.

The nursery called a locksmith they use (who is free!) but it would be 25 minutes before they would arrive. Those long minutes were terrible, watching my baby boy cry hysterically and attempt to pull his buckles off his seat.

Twenty minutes later, we saw a fire truck come blazing down the road, sirens and all. The call came to them that a baby was abandoned in a locked car. Everybody stood around in the rain assessing the situation when finally the locksmith arrived and saved the day. We rushed home to get our bodies into warm clothes and put tea on to boil.

More fun happenings later in the day were that Judah was playing with a playground ball in the kitchen and suddenly flopped over for no reason and hit his forehead square on the corner of the kitchen island, leaving a vertical bruised welt down the right-of-center of his forehead. Then, later that evening, when Micheal was helping me bring groceries in from the car, we heard a "THUMP!" in the living room and then hysterical cries. We still don't know what happened, but there was no blood, nothing is broken and as Barney was on the TV, he stopped crying a couple minutes later so he could pay attention to Baby Bop.

One hour later, Judah was in the guest bathroom in our living room while we were cooking dinner. I heard him flush the toilet a couple times and Micheal said, "Please go check to make sure he's not flushing any toys." I walked in to find the toilet overflowing and water spilling all over the floor in a gush. Post-plunge, it seems to have been a surplus of toilet paper, but I'm sure there might have been a Lego involved. Who knows.

And, of course, once I had prepared a very healthy stir-fry dinner, he refused to eat one single bite. Asking for peanut butter, we made him a sandwich (protein is protein) where he ate maybe three bites and then used his elbows to mush the remaining sandwich into blobs.

It's days like this that you just want to hermit on your couch under a big blanket and not move for fear the sky will fall on your head.

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