Tuesday, April 27, 2004

After spending the past year away from the Web being a new mommy, it seemed high time to return so I could document all the fascinating things happening to my son, Judah. He is amazing and beautiful and in full scientist/explorer mode. Nothing is left unexamined. First it goes into his mouth, then it is passed from hand to hand. Day before yesterday, Judah licked the sand off a sandcastle in his "First Touch & Feel Book". It was a piece of sandpaper that now has glue residue and bits of sand left behind. He also ate cat food (Purina One) and tried to eat dirt out of my hibiscus plant.

He loves books, but rather than being read to, he prefers to turn the pages in rapid succession over and over. At the moment, he loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?. I have memorized Goodnight, Moon and so has he. When I begin reciting the first lines of the story, his blue eyes widen and a sly grin appears. He knows this is a special bedtime story.

It is a wonderful experience raising a little boy.

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